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LIP Mecanic shop

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About LIP Mecanic Shop

LIP Mecanic Shop was established in 1987 and is installed at the Department of Physics, University of Coimbra. It is strongly connected to LIP research activities but due to its transversal scope, it also produces work for other university research groups, health institutions and private companies in different areas.


The aim of LIP Mecanic Shop is to provide precision engineering to support business activities in the design and production of high quality components. It is a shop dedicated to the development and production of prototypes in collaboration with researchers and end users.


LIP Mecanic Shop has extensive experience in manufacturing components for particle physics detectors and vacuum systems, integrated in international collaboration projects developed in laboratories as CERN, DESY and ESO. It also supports other university or research groups related to health such as the ones existing at IBILI and IPO-CROC institutes.

The shop has advanced mechanical equipment and experienced staff in the design, development and production of components under the most stringent requirements

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